Hong Kong International (Spring) Lighting

Release Time:2024-04-08    Views:130

    Hong Kong International (Spring) Lighting Fair has begun. I wonder how our old and new friends are doing lately? The exhibition officially opens on April 6th, 2024! Everyone from Yuzhong Gaohong is looking forward to your visit at booth 1D-B24!

    Here we can share and discuss our views on the product, so that we can have a deeper understanding of the product, learn to absorb everyone's different views on the product, and enrich ourselves. Meet more like-minded friends at the same time. At the scene, we can also witnesd the different changes brought by the lighting and experience the unique charm brought by the product!

    With thirty years of accumulation and precipitation, we have continued to grow and make progress, keeping up with the development of the LED market and customer demand for products, and created many series of high-quality, cost-effective products. For the principle of quality first, we have invested a CNAS national laboratory, which includes almost all LED-related experimental equipment. All products sold to customers will be tested.