2018 Light+Building

Release Time:2018-03-20    Views:3562

Light + Building show ranks first in the LED Lighting exhibition both at scale and brand influence of global LED Lighting, and it’s the tread of designs in global lighting. What’s more, the show has attracted about 2700 top enterprises all over the world to join the exhibition. On the first day people came shoulder to shoulder and closely upon heels, also it made a new historical record for the booth area - 260,000 square meters of total exhibition area. 

As one of the traditional lighting enterprises, Hangzhou Yuzhong Gaohong Lighting Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. has shifted to and been actively developing LED lighting products, LED fixtures and lighting solutions projects in recent years. In this exhibition, Yuzhong Gaohong not only displays LED bulbs, but also launches the series of LED tube light, panel light, moisture proof lamp, ceiling light, stent lamp, high bay and smart street lights solutions projects. With the concept of "healthy lighting and people-oriented", Yuzhong Gaohong has won the recognition from new and old customers by providing customers with high-quality products and considerate services.